San Patricio County

Leading Industry on the Texas Gulf Coast

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At the Heart of the Coastal Bend of Texas

Made up of 9 surrounding cities, the County's economic environment is diverse and ever-changing. San Patricio County is home to industries like energy, chemical, and maritime industries, alongside agriculture, mariculture, tourism, and industrial manufacturing. The area's rich farmland remains in active use; some current farmland is now also home to the Papalote Creek Wind Farm.

Industrial development ready property is our specialty

San Patricio County is home to a number of large industrial companies from petrochemical to steel. With acres of still undeveloped, prime industrial property available, we still have room for you. Check out our large industrial tracks or use our property search tool to find the right fit for your project.

Enjoy The Coastal Life to the fullest

San Patricio County has much to offer, from coastal activities such as Portland's Windfest or Aransas Pass shrimporee to annual agricultural activities like the Livestock Show and Auction in Sinton. The County also offers various retail shops, both local and chain, to fulfill your shopping needs. There are also parks and wetlands to venture out into to enjoy the local wildlife and environment, such as Indian point pier in Portland and the Welder Wildlife Foundation Park in Sinton.

MSA Population
Median Age
Median Household Income
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Average Commute Time
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