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San Patricio County Economic Development Corporation (SPCEDC) is a non-profit organization operating within San Patricio County, TX. We are made up of members from local governments, Chambers of Commerce, and local businesses who have come together to progress economic development in the county, promote tourism, and encourage commercial and residential growth.


We are dedicated to the success of our great county; and our partners stand proudly throughout, backed by our full support. Among those partners are titans of industrial commerce, Sherwin Alumina, DuPont, OxyChem, Kiewit, TPCO, Cheniere, Voestalpine and others; all partners of SPCEDC. Aside these businesses stand an extensive variety of local organizations large and small, many of whom also call the EDC "partner," and of course, call San Patricio "home."


The county is prime for new development, both commercial, industrial and residential. With new large-scale industry moving in, and thousands of new jobs on the horizon, San Patricio's future looks bright. Thousands of acres alongside existing industry, residential areas, and farmland await our county's next residents--you. If you've found this website, you've found the best kept secret in South Texas--San Patricio County. Let us help guide you to your business' new home.


Some sections of our website are still under construction, please excuse our mess. We are dedicated to providing the best possible user experience, and perfection takes time. Check out our beautiful new Relocation Guide to see a snapshot of great information on the County.

News and Events

SPCEDC is now hiring for a GIS Analyst (that's Geographic Information Systems), for a 2-year position funded by the EDA and City of Ingleside. Click here.

SPCEDC is now hiring for a Web Content Developer/Planner Associate, for a 2-year position funded by the EDA. Click here.

On Monday, Dec. 8 at 10:30am, The Third Coast Commemorative Air Force held a groundbreaking ceremony for their new museum at McCampbell-Porter Airport in Ingleside!

The EDC hosted a special dinner on behalf of the World Affairs Council for officials from China's U.S. Embassy.

Government shutdown? Good thing we're not the Government. SPCEDC is still operating normally, give us a call!

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South Texas' best kept secret is now yours

Welcome to San Patricio County, Texas, a quiet collection of communities nestled on the north side of Corpus Christi Bay. The county's established industrial market, however, is far from silent. San Patricio is home not only to its residents, but also a collection of some of the largest industrial titans in their industries. Kiewitt, DuPont, Sherwin Alumina, OxyChem, TPCO America, and Cheniere are just a few of the companies calling the county their home. Aside them are countless acres prime for new development, waiting for your decision to choose San Patricio as your new home.


Each of our nine municipalities is home to its own unique flare, style, and community; sharing a combined love of the beautiful oceanside environment in which we reside, and the peace afforded by the seaside lifestyle. SPCEDC is helping to facilitate new residential, commercial, and industrial developments in the area right now, and San Patricio is on the verge of its next great economic bloom. Take it from us, there has never been a better time to join our community, and we're here to help.


To find out more about the County, check out our International Overview pages, where you'll find everything from general information, to details about our municipalities, industrial businesses, the area's transportation aspects, and even local health care centers.

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SPCEDC has recently acquired a $375,000 grant from the Economic Development Administration for the purpose of conducting an extensive amount of new data mapping and research. This includes fully interactive GIS maps, feasibility data, and more! Look for our brand new Data Center in 2014! Until then, give us a call, or send us an email!

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