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Founded as a company town more than a century ago, Gregory is once again welcoming new industry to their small, friendly community…and doing so at an unprecedented rate. Already home to some of the county’s major employers, such as Sherwin Alumina, Gregory is presently on the front end of an industrial boom like none other in the county’s history. In the last two years, foreign companies such as TPCO and voestalpine have made the decision to invest billions of dollars to open facilities in Gregory, driving improvements to the city’s infrastructure, city services and public education. Cheniere Energy, a Houston-based company, has received property tax abatement and is expected to follow suit with a $13 billion liquid natural gas (LNG) facility. Gregory-Portland ISD in April 2014 celebrated a ribbon cutting for Stephen F. Austin Elementary, a new state-of-the-art elementary school.

Like many of the towns in San Patricio County, Gregory was established in 1887 as a company town by the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railway and the Coleman-Fulton Pasture Company. Its site was known then as the Corpus Christi Junction, where a spur of the railway broke southeast across Nueces Bay. In 1909, seeing the county’s great economic potential, President William Howard Taft made his famous extended visit, and with it came the opening of the Gregory Hotel, which became known as one of the finest hotels on the coast, and a popular stop-over place for travelers on as many as a dozen passenger trains that passed through the city daily. In subsequent years, the town’s population dwindled, but the economy picked up again in 1950 with the establishment of Reynolds Metal Company, which operates currently as Sherwin Alumina. The recent expansion of the La Quinta Ship Channel has made Gregory and San Patricio County one of the world’s best kept secrets for industrial development, providing access to transportation of goods and materials by rail, road and sea. The city is literally a hub for locations both domestic and abroad.

The City of Gregory ranks 8th among 9 in population of communities in San Patricio County. As of the 2010 Census, the city’s population was 1,907, approximately 2.8% of the county’s total population.


    - Median Household Income: $27,946
    - Per Capita Income: $13,545

Educational Attainment

As of the 2013 school year, there were 4,488 students enrolled at G-PISD. It is the largest school district in San Patricio County. The University Interscholastic League classifies the district as 4A (A-5A). The school colors are red and blue, and the school mascot is the Wildcat.

The Gregory-Portland ISD “Met Standard” on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) – which is one of the ways schools in Texas are evaluated. Of seven campuses, six were rated “Met Standard” and one was rated “Improvement Required”.

The average class size ranges from 19.2 - 20.9 students at the elementary level and 18.2 – 22.6 students at the secondary level.

- 69.4 % of teachers hold bachelor’s degrees
- 30.3 % hold masters degrees

Most teachers in the district (31.6 %) have 11-20 years teaching experience. See chart below:

Labor force: 684
Employed: 615
Unemployed: 69
Unemployment Rate: 5%

Gregory’s Top Employers

The City of Gregory tax rate is 0.89
The San Patricio County tax rate is 0.52000
The Gregory-Portland ISD tax rate is 1.35

Gregory Government & Leadership
Gregory Mayor Freddy Garcia
City Secretary Veronica Cortez
City Hall – (361) 643-6562

Gregory Portland ISD Superintendent Dr. Paul Clore
Gregory-Portland ISD: (361) 777-1091